Chain Reaction is engineering the future of disruptive blockchain and privacy technologies.

We accelerate compute performance, enabling companies to adopt and scale solutions to the world’s most complex problems.


EL3CTRUM is our Blockchain product line, starting with the most efficient hashing ASIC on the market, optimized for high-performance, high efficiency, and low-power, and is the heart of our hashboards and systems. EL3CTRUM delivers optimal payback time.


3PU™ is our Privacy product, dramatically accelerating real-time operations of Privacy Enhancing Technologies on encrypted data, transforming the cloud into a trusted environment, and enabling new verticals to adopt the cloud at scale, including financial institutions, healthcare & big pharma, defense & government, oil & gas, and more.


Purpose-built and custom-designed, our solutions power the next generation of secure, scalable, green computing to help protect people, privacy, and the planet.


To radically accelerate complex technological solutions for blockchain and privacy technologies.


To empower data centers and cloud providers to adopt scalable technologies that protect people, privacy, and the planet.

Executive Team

Chain Reaction
Alon Webman
Co-founder and CEO
Chain Reaction Oren Yokev
Oren Yokev
Co-founder and CTO
Yossi Smeloy
Chief Design Officer
Richard Lu
Chief Revenue Officer
Yael Bar Shtainman
Chief of Staff
Noa Tamir