Developing the world's most optimized cryptography hardware

Chain Reaction is unlocking the true potential of Cryptography by developing the world's most optimized purpose-built processor achieving cryptographic performance acceleration by orders of magnitude.

Our ever-connected modern life, underpinned by the ancient art of Cryptography, from the lock on a website, remotely unlocking our car to any digital transaction and privacy preservation, Chain Reaction is changing cryptography forever - no more fragile, no more confined by the boundaries of scale and performance.

Built by silicon and security developers for developers

Leveraging our combined hundreds of years of experience building purpose built processor and world class security solutions, we understand top application develops needs. Therefore, our processing ASICs libraries are designed with development seamless integration in mind. Our CPU-adjacent process, designed primitives accelerates mathematical computations such as elliptic curves, homomorphic computations, Zero Knowledge related ones and others seamlessly - be it on an FPGA or dedicated ASIC making your sophisticated development simple, coherent and consistent.

Break the boundaries of Cryptographic scale and performance - Join our growing developers community.


Technology Vision


Flexible and powerful cryptographic primitives with optimized parallel architecture


Boost up advanced privacy preserving algorithms, making future privacy a reality today


Custom design for low power and high performance


Parallel architecture solves computing bottlenecks and enables scalability


CrPU - Performance and Flexibility

Cryptographic Processing Unit – the first processor designed for cutting edge cryptography. Over 100x performance boost running blockchain, ZKP and homomorphic encryption, with easy integration and developer experience.

CrMiner 1.0 - The most effective Bitcoin Mining ASIC system

Based on novel custom design techniques, manufactured in advanced process nodes, featuring the best performance by bitcoin mining ASIC and system.

The Team

Alon Webman


  • Co-Founder, Mellanox Technologies (acquired by nVidia for $7B)
  • Managed ASIC design silicon division – team of 700+ HW and SW engineers

Oren Yokev


  • Head of Technology Division of Elite Intelligence Unit (20-year veteran)
  • Managed team 350 HW and SW engineers

Richard Lu

EVP Sales & Ops

  • Over 25 years of experience in semiconductor industry 21-years at TSMC
  • Head of Sales Region with $4B revenue experience and semiconductor supply chain

Yossi Smeloy

Sr. Principal Eng.

  • Over 25 years of experience in circuit/analog
  • 19 years at Mellanox designing complex high-speed and PPA optimization
  • Latest designed 56Gbs SerDes

Advisory Board

Scott Stornetta

CSO at Yugen Partners

Co-inventor of the Blockchain Technology; Three of the eight citations in the original Bitcoin Whitepaper were referred to Mr Stornetta’s work

Prof. Eran Tromer

Prof. at Tel Aviv Univaersity and Colombia University deparment of CS, research focus on cryptography and computer security. The founding scientist of the Zcash privacy-preserving cryptocurrency.

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